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30.06.2022. Original Scientific Article
Reading ability of young school-age children

Introduction. Reading is a complex linguistic and cognitive ability, acquired through learning. Children of typical development in the first four years of school completely master the reading skill. However, some children may have difficulty learning to read despite their preserved intellectual abilities and adequate training. The aim of this paper...

By Mile Vuković, Rada Reljić Trivković, Slađana Ćalasan

29.12.2022. Original Scientific Article
Visual-motor integration of younger school-aged children

Introduction. Visual-motor integration (VMI) is defined as the degree to which visual perception (VP) and finger-hand movements are well coordinated. The VMI consists of two components: VP and motor coordination (MC). The main goal of our research was to determine whether there are differences in age and gender categories in VMI, VP and MC scores, ...

By Jelena Milić, Sladjana Djorem, Ana Lukić, Marko Petrović, Bojan Joksimović, Biljana Mijović, Radmila Balaban, Vesna Krstović Spremo, Dajana Nogo Živanović, Veljko Marić

Introduction. Writing is the most complex human ability and the most direct form of communication. Auditory discrimination is the ability to distinguish different sounds of language. After the age of seven, difficulties in auditory discrimination, even of similar sounds, are considered a pathological phenomenon. The aim of the research was to deter...

By Vesela Milankov, Ivana Anđić, Jelena Vrućinić, Ljiljana Simić, Milica Stelkić