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Introduction. In addition to the development of spoken language, typical intellectual abilities, preservation of the senses of hearing and sight, phonological awareness and the ability of graphomotor expression are necessary for mastering the skills of reading and writing. With this in mind, the aim of this research is to determine the level of pho...

By Mirjana Korlaet, Mile Vuković, Jelena Tešić

Introduction. Writing is the most complex human ability and the most direct form of communication. Auditory discrimination is the ability to distinguish different sounds of language. After the age of seven, difficulties in auditory discrimination, even of similar sounds, are considered a pathological phenomenon. The aim of the research was to deter...

By Vesela Milankov, Ivana Anđić, Jelena Vrućinić, Ljiljana Simić, Milica Stelkić

The results of a research must be communicated to as large an audience as possible, and the best way to achieve this goal is to publish a paper in scientific journal. The scientific paper has strong structure and organization, the main chapters following the IMRAD acronym, which stands for Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion,...

By Ljiljana Vučković-Dekić