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30.06.2022. Original Scientific Article
Influence of smoking on voice quality

Introduction. During smoking, specific morphological changes occur within the larynx, which results in changes in voice quality. Given that voice is related to quality of life, it is necessary to identify the impact of smoking on voice quality. Methods. A group of 85 respondents, aged 22 to 70 years (AS = 35.61; SD = 11.36), both sexes, categorize...

By Bojana Vuković, Slađana Ćalasan, Andrea Vegar

Introduction. The human voice is an important characteristic that enables the distinction of human from other living beings. Otherwise, it represents a picture of a person ́s personality, his health, mental and emotional state. The research aims are to determine the voice characteristics of vocal professionals with diagnosed vocal cord nodules by s...

By Mila Bunijevac, Zlatko Maksimović, Andrijana Mikić

Voice is a significant component of communication that allows us to express information and emotions, so it is the foundation of verbal communication. Maturation of the body involves dilation of the larynx and lower positioning of the larynx in the neck, resulting in multiple changes in voice quality. The rapid changes in the human larynx during pu...

By Bojana Vuković, Sladjana Ćalasan