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Introduction. Placental dysfunction is underlying cause in most of the intrauterine growth restriction and the pregnancy complications where the fetus does not achieve its genetically determined potential for growth. The critical process for the development of the placenta is angiogenesis. CD31 is an important endothelial adhesion protein that enab...

By Vesna Ljubojević, Sanja Jovičić, Dragica Draganović, Ljiljana Amidžić, Biljana Vatreš, Nataša Vojinović

Introduction. The optic nerve is supplied by the arterial branches of the supericial pial plexus and direct intraneural branches. The aim of the study was to study the morphological characteristics (origin, number of arteries, calibers, and branching pattern) of perioptic arterial vascularization and intraoptic vascular network of the extracranial ...

By Radmila Balaban-Đurević, Samra Hajrović, Vanja Pljevaljčić, Valvita Reçi, Stefan Kulić, Milan Milisavljević