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Introduction. Thyroglossal cyst represents the most common congenital anomaly of the neck and it occurs in approximately 7% of the overall population. It develops as a consequence of obliteration failure of ductus thyreoglossus during migration of thyroid gland in embryogenesis. It is usually diagnosed during the first decade of life by clinical ex...

By Miroslav Obrenović, Siniša Kojić, Vekoslav Mitrović, Mirjana Ćuk, Borko Davidović

Introduction. Ovarian cysts occur when a portion of the ovary is filled with liquid. The most common cysts are functional, and their size is usually between 2 and 6 cm, although cases of the large-size cysts have been described, as well.Case Outline. This paper reports a case of a 16-year-old girl admitted with a large tumorous mass of unclear etio...

By Mirko Raković, Zoran Rakonjac, Mirko Šatara, Slavko Grbić