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Introduction. Hematopoiesis is the process of developing blood cells and the formed elements of blood. This dynamic process occurs postnatally in the bone marrow, while the prenatal hematopoiesis is scattered over multiple localizations. It begins in the yolk sac, in the intra-embryonic islands of hematopoiesis, and continues in the liver, spleen, ...

By Jelena Vladičić-Mašić, Ivan Nikolić, Vera Todorović, Marko Jović, Vladimir Petrović, Srđan Mašić, Nikolina Dukić, Snežana Zečević

28.12.2013. Reviews
Tumour markers

Many structures found in tumour cells acting like antigens have been discovered as a result of continuous progress in malignant disease research over the last 50 years. Those are macromolecules whose presence or change in concentration can indicate genesis or growth of malignant tumours and they are known as tumour markers. They can be highly speci...

By Dragana Puhalo-Sladoje, Dragana Tošović, Slavica Ristić