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30.06.2022. Case Reports
Fibrous epulis - case report

Introduction. Epulis is a change in gingival tissue that occurs under the influence of chronic irritation. Histologically, there are several different types of epulis. Fibrous epulis is benign tumor of gingiva that most often occurs in interdental papilla area as a result of local irritation (inadequate restorative fillings, carious teeth, subgingi...

By Marina Radanović, Slavoljub Tomić, Tanja Ivanović, Ana Cicmil, Jovana Hrisa Samardžija, Srdjan Radanović, Jelena Lečić

Surgical treatment of locally advanced gastrointestinal cancer alone does not exhibit satisfactory local disease control and survival rate. The advantage of using radio and chemotherapy at this stage is to reduce the likelihood of developing local recurrence with an extension of survival time, while the disadvantages are the increase in postoperati...

By Ljiljana Vasić