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Surgical treatment of locally advanced gastrointestinal cancer alone does not exhibit satisfactory local disease control and survival rate. The advantage of using radio and chemotherapy at this stage is to reduce the likelihood of developing local recurrence with an extension of survival time, while the disadvantages are the increase in postoperati...

By Ljiljana Vasić

Introduction. There has been a progressive increase in the frequency of colorectal carcinoma for the last twenty years. In order for a doctor to estimate the life expectancy and/or the treatment of these patients, oncology makes use of prognostic and predictive factors. They are divided into: clinicosurgical, pathohistological and immunohistochemic...

By Siniša Maksimović, Branislava Jakovljević, Zdenka Gojković, Zlatko Maksimović

Neoadjuvant approach or preoperative use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the treatment of locally advanced rectal cancer has led to a significant improvement in local control of the disease by reducing the percentage of local recidives. Furthermore, it has improved the quality of life since the number of sphincter sparing resections has been in...