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Emotional intelligence and health care are closely linked. Empathy is regarded as one of key dimensions of emotional intelligence. The nursing profession has numerous general, but also generic, competencies which requires not only technical knowledge, but also psychological support in everyday work. The aim of this review paper is to point out the ...

By Nina Stoičević, Tamara Milosavljević, Jelena Pavlović

01.12.2019. For Practice
Cognitive niche

In a joint publication with Alfred Russell Wallace, Charles Darwin presented the theory which stated that all life forms were developed by natural selection in which the fight for survival had the effect similar to artificial intelligence applied to selective breeding. Despite a coincidence of views concerning the origin of life, these two scientis...

By Đorđe Petronić, Igor Vujović

In the 1980-s, the attention of the public was attracted by the research of James Flynn, who noticed something interesting - as the time went by, respondents achieved higher scores in the IQ tests. According to his research, as well as the researches of the authors who were engaged in the subject, the observed increase was 4.4 points per decade on ...