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Health workers, doctors and nurses and other health staff, due to their occupation and daily exposure to stressful situations, are the most exposed to professional burnout and the dangers of numerous mental disorders. The aim of this review was to point out, based on data from recent literature, the importance and level of mental health of doctors ...

By Maja Skočo, Jelena Pavlović

Introduction. Burnout syndrome is a common problem among healthcare workers. The aim of the study was to investigate the level of stress, components of burnout syndrome and the most common causes of workplace stress among the physicians working in the Primary Health Care Center Banja Luka, after which the obtained results concerning family physicia...

By Brankica Marković, Kosana Stanetić, Verica Petrović, Bojan Stanetić

In spite of great achievements in prevention, elimination, and even eradication of infectious diseases, active immunization, as a method of prophylaxis, has been a subject of bitter dispute since its very beginnings. The value of active immunization is also being increasingly contested today, which is a seeming paradox in the light of long-standing...

By Srdja Janković