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Introduction. Since the announcement of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the health system has been facing great challenges. Due to several uncertainties and concerns, surgeons face a huge challenge in solving urgent surgical conditions in order to save a life. Case report. We present a patient with a coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and acute abdomen who ...

By Džemail Detanac, Enes Zogić, Džemil Bihorac, Dženana Detanac, Lejla Ćeranić, Mehmed Mujdragić, Kemal Alihodžić, Irfan Ćorović

Introduction. The aim of the study was to examine the correlation between subjective well-being and quality of life of the elderly in relation to their demographic characteristics, health, social and financial status. Methods. The study sample was comprised of 159 subjects of both sexes and of older age. The respondents underwent research in Banja ...

By Nataša Egeljić-Mihailović, Duška Jović, Darija Knežević

01.12.2017. Current topics
Geriatrics in Serbia nowadays

The first hospital department for the treatment of elderly people in the world was founded by Laza Lazarević in Belgrade in 1881. The Division of Geriatrics of the Department of Internal Medicine at the City Hospital in Belgrade was founded in 1963, as the first one in the former Yugoslavia. The first regional department within the field of geronto...

By Mladen Davidović, Milan Ivanović

Introduction. Screening for chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been advisedin high-risk populations. However, data on the prevalence of early asymptomaticstages vary and depend on the definition of CKD. In the present studysubjects at risk for CKD (patients with diabetes mellitus type 2-DM2, withhypertension and older than 60 years without diabetes a...

By Jelena Seferović