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Autophagy is a dynamic process, conserved in all eukaryotes. It is responsible for the degradation of cytoplasmic content. Autophagy is crucial in cell survival and cell death. It plays a significant role in the cell response to stress, nutrient deficiencies, embryonic development, tumor suppression, response to pathogens and aging. The process of ...

By Nikolina Elez-Burnjaković, Lejla Pojskić, Sanin Haverić, Ajla Smajlović

In industry and the public sector quality has become the important management challenge of the 21st century. Although quality should be self-understanding in healthcare the reality shows another picture. There are nowadays international standards and models of quality excellence which make the introduction and control of quality management even in ...

By Hans-Günther Sonntag

Nursing is an established discipline that helps people in having a productive and healthy life as well as in coping with health problems in the best possible way using established skills. The application of nursing interventions and measures based on the analysis and assessment of patient needs, problems and difficulties observed, and his or her ab...