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Introduction.  Recent data show that 1/5 of patients with chest pain in the emergency room (ER) have an acute coronary syndrome that requires admission and treatment. Current guidelines have endorsed the HEART score for admission, observation or discharge in individual patients. We aimed to assess performance of the HEART score at the Universi...

By Bojan Stanetić, Nenad Jaćimović, Šemsudin Porčić

Myocarditis is a limited or diffuse inflammation of the heart muscle, the cause of which might be infectious (viruses, bacteria, fungi, rickettsiae, parasites, protozoas) or non-infectious (systemic diseases, metabolic diseases, toxins). There are types of myocarditis the etiological factor of which cannot be determined and therefore are classified...

By Tatjana Gavrilović-Elez, Vladimir Čančar, Nada Avram