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Progress in diagnosis and treatment has led to a significant improvement in the fate of children born with tetralogy of Fallot, with the perioperative mortality of 2-3% and a 30-year survival rate of 90%. However, the majority of these patients have residual postoperative morphological and hemodynamic disorders, as well as heart rhythm disorders, p...

By Biljana Milinković, Dejan Bokonjić, Verica Prodanović

Myocarditis is a limited or diffuse inflammation of the heart muscle, the cause of which might be infectious (viruses, bacteria, fungi, rickettsiae, parasites, protozoas) or non-infectious (systemic diseases, metabolic diseases, toxins). There are types of myocarditis the etiological factor of which cannot be determined and therefore are classified...

By Tatjana Gavrilović-Elez, Vladimir Čančar, Nada Avram