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Introduction. The amniotic membrane is used in transplant surgery, ophthalmology and dermatology. Various methods have been developed to preserve amniotic membrane: hypothermic storage, cryopreservation, lyophilization. Transplantation of fresh amniotic membrane showed low inflammatory response. The efficient antibiotic solutions are carefully chos...

By Vesna Ljubojević, Sanja Jovičić, Milka Mavija, Zoran Vujković

Introduction. According to the Consumer and Food Safety Act, the term foodstuffs is referred to as any substance used for food or drink, either processed or unprocessed. Food safety is referred to as hygiene food safety as well as the safety of food composition (energy giving, body building and protective food components). The aim of the study is t...

By Medina Bičo, Erna Dardagan