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Introduction. Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) is considered the reference diagnostic method for quantifying right ventricular size and function, and pulmonary regurgitation in patients with tetralogy of Fallot surgery. The aim of this paper is to confirm the importance of magnetic resonance continuous postoperative monitoring of right and ...

By Biljana Milinković, Jelena Milić, Dejan Bokonjić, Verica Prodanović, Bojan Joksimović, Siniša Ristić

29.12.2022. Original Scientific Article
Visual-motor integration of younger school-aged children

Introduction. Visual-motor integration (VMI) is defined as the degree to which visual perception (VP) and finger-hand movements are well coordinated. The VMI consists of two components: VP and motor coordination (MC). The main goal of our research was to determine whether there are differences in age and gender categories in VMI, VP and MC scores, ...

By Jelena Milić, Sladjana Djorem, Ana Lukić, Marko Petrović, Bojan Joksimović, Biljana Mijović, Radmila Balaban, Vesna Krstović Spremo, Dajana Nogo Živanović, Veljko Marić

Introduction. Higher level of knowledge and frequent contacts with peers with disabilities can influence the emergence of more positive attitudes of students towards peers with disabilities. In regard to that, our aim was to test the importance of knowledge, contact frequency and other possible factors influencing attitudes of students toward disab...

By Slađana Đorem, Gordana Odović, Ana Lukić, Jelena Milić, Milena Božinović, Bojan Joksimović