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Introduction. Assessment of the occupational risk of exposure to the new coronavirus of workers engaged in the COVID-19 Departments of the University Clinical Center of Republic of Srpska and the use of personal protective equipment was the aim of this research. Method. In the University Clinical Center of Republic of Srpska (UKC RS), in the C...

By Janja Bojanić, Silvana Trifunović, Antonija Verhaz, Darija Knežević, Mirjana Djermanović, Nataša Knežević, Mladena Malinović

Public health represents a field full of unresolved issues which are often raised by highly complex and mutually related events. Due to this, the more frequent use of qualitative scientific research is required. Qualitative research is primarily focused on the world view of an individual or a group, enabling them to form attitudes and practise rela...

By Maja Račić, Milena Dubravac-Tanasković, Janja Bojanić