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Introduction. The automatic suspension of the insulin pump and discontinuation of insulin delivery in case of hypoglycemia is one of the features of Veo insulin pump when it is connected with the sensor used for continuous monitoring of glycemia (CGM). This type of therapy is currently considered to be the best one for achieving a good metabolic co...

By Vesna Miljković

Introduction.The aim of the study was to find out the determinants of thequality of life in primary health care patients with type 2 diabetes.Methods. The cross-sectional study included 181 patients, aged 37 to 89 years,with diabetes mellitus type 2, registered with four family medicine practices.The assessment of health status was conducted using ...

By Vesna Kević, Kosana Stanetić, Maja Račić

Introduction. Screening for chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been advisedin high-risk populations. However, data on the prevalence of early asymptomaticstages vary and depend on the definition of CKD. In the present studysubjects at risk for CKD (patients with diabetes mellitus type 2-DM2, withhypertension and older than 60 years without diabetes a...

By Jelena Seferović