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Communication can generally be defined as an exchange of messages between the sender and recipients. When analyzing the characteristics of communication, the classification into verbal and non-verbal communication is often referred to in literature. Typical child development includes the stages of pre-intentional, intentional pre-symbolic and inten...

By Nadica Jovanović, Sladjana Ćalasan

Introduction. Orofacial musculature dysfunction in children is one of the causes of articulation disorders, however, articulation disorders associated with stuttering make communication particularly difficult. The aim of the study is to compare the state of oral praxis and voice articulation in primary school children who stutter with the state of ...

By Nada Dobrota-Davidović, Sladjana Ćalasan

Introduction. Previous research results of family and marital status as the protective factors in the relation to the suicide show that the suicide rate is higher in divorced and widowers, and low in people who are married and have children. The aim of this study was to examine the connection between family and partner relationships and the presenc...

By Dijana Sulejmanović, Tatjana Dragišić